Case Studies

62 yrs old
Brain Aneurysm (Dec 2015)

“I am writing to thank you for the care you have given to my training sessions over the past few months. I had always been physically active prior to my brain aneurysm in December 2015. I had intended to just continue with my regular physical exercise routine until I met you! After completing my therapies at RIC in Northbrook working with you was exactly what I needed to move forward with my recovery.

You and your team have done an outstanding job listening and fine tuning my training to address my specific body weaknesses. There have been times it seemed you read my mind about what I needed help with. You are always in tune with the specifics of my body needs. I especially like that you keep changing up my challenges and routines. It is this fine-tuning that has allowed me to feel so much stronger working with you. I feel the strength in my core, abs and gluteus. I feel strength I never knew existed in my body.

I especially appreciate your positive outlook, which encourages me to be my very best. You have helped me to overcome the extreme anxiety in my brain when I was off balance or when encountering new challenges. Like jumping or boxing. This was a major accomplishment and was on my top 5-goal list. Just accomplishing this one goal has given me the attitude that I can do anything. To be relieved of this brain anxiety is such a wonderful feeling and indicates to me that I’ve made much progress with you.

I appreciate the specific work you are giving me to challenge my body to be fine tuned for the Spring 2017 sailing season.
I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to have the referral from RIC to Movement Revolution. Your strength, spirit, humor and knowledge have changed my life and I look forward to continuing our journey.”

Male, 89 Years Old
Parkinson’s disease 20+ years

“When I started exercising nine years ago exercise was an unknown and problematic factor as means of delaying the disease. Before that time exercise was not prescribed, and even not thought to be of any help. Since that time, I exercise assiduously, almost every day.

The impact has been incredible. I am not only still alive, but most of my contemporaries with Parkinson’s, who did not exercise, are no longer alive. I am not only still alive, but function almost as well as when I started, that 9 years ago.
The varied regimen that Eric provided and still provides has been the most significant factor in this delay of the disease and keeping me functional, happy and optimistic.”

Male, 69 Years old
Parkinson’s Disease

“My name is David and I was Diagnosed with Parkinson 13 years ago. The condition had been kept under control through constant monitoring and tweaking of medications I am taking.
Rock Steady Boxing is a terrific outlet for patients who are affected by this condition. It helps build our confidence as well as giving us a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. The exercises along with the boxing is quite intense and makes it challenging and rewarding to us when we find we can physically do them, maybe not perfectly, but at least putting forth the effort.

At the end of the season you feel a sense you feel a sense of worth. You want and desire to come back for more knowing that this type of activity is keeping your muscles from getting any weaker. Hopefully, through participating in this physical activity will help slow down the progression of the disease.

Eric and his staff are terrific and bring a positive and enthusiastic and optimistic attitude that transfers over to the participants that we too can do these activities and not to give in.
So, to summarize this is a great program and is doing great things in improving the stability and balance of Parkinson’s patients giving them confidence that they can have a good quality of life by staying active and participating in programs such as Rock Steady Boxing.

Keep up the good work- this is good stuff and I for one am very grateful for your dedication and commitment to this endeavor. ”

Male, 67 Years Old
Lewy Body Dementia 3 years diagnosed
Primary symptoms: Rigidity, postural instability, motor planning, balance.
Personal Training: 2x/wk for 1.5years

Female, 66 Years Old
Parkinson’s Disease 3yrs
Primary symptoms: Slight dyskinesia, tremor, balance . Personal Training 8 weeks then RSB

Male, 68 Years Old
Parkinson’s Disease 19yrs DBS
Primary symptoms: Falls, balance, walked with cane, rigidity, did everything too fast.
Personal Training: 1x/wk + PWR 2x/wk