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October 27, 2015

Rock Steady Original Inspiration- Changing Lives

Here is an excerpt from some truly inspirational words spoken by an original Rock Steady Boxer in Indianapolis.

“Greatness of character can be forged in the furnace of affliction. There is something about sharing the same foxhole with others in a battle against a terrible but determined enemy that unites us even though we are from different backgrounds and makes us stronger as individuals. We are indeed a band of brother and sister warriors united in a fight against Parkinson’s, a fierce and deadly enemy. In this fight we will not be passive. We are pressing the attack and taking the offensive. We will not relent. We will never surrender. We will never give up until our last breath is drawn or the enemy is vanquished.”

I had the tremendous opportunity to meet and work with Pete during our Training Camp. He inspired me to help make a difference and pass along his message to evoke HOPE to all our Windy City Fighters.

Stay Strong!


August 10, 2015

Boxing for Parkinson’s!


I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have learned from many amazing professionals and be a part of amazing programs for people with Parkinson’s disease. In May of 2015, I had the opportunity to attend the Rock Steady Boxing Training Camp in Indianapolis, IN for future Rock Steady Coaches. I walked away from that weekend more inspired than I had ever felt before. The heart and soul that all the RSB Coaches put into their classes is truly amazing. The entire organization exudes positivity and  HOPE.

Rock Steady Boxing has over 30 Affiliate locations around the WORLD. It’s methods are just starting to be studied. Initial research has shown amazing results, see the article here about a study done at the original RSB in Indianapolis: RSB Indy Star Report .

Prior to attending the RSB Training camp, I was fortunate enough to meet a great man by the name of Jim Kroeger, Owner of the Lincoln Park Fitness Center, Ravenswood Fitness Center, and Edgewater Fitness Center. Jim is not only from the great state of Wisconsin, but from my hometown, better known as- “the best city in America”(self-proclaimed), Madison, WI.  Jim himself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013. You would think that two guys with all these things in common: Exercise/Fitness Centers, Wisconsin/Madison, Packers/Badgers, a connection to Parkinson’s disease, he EVEN lived right around the block from me in Chicago would eventually cross paths! Truth is we didn’t, BUT, leave it up to the Mothers…both of our Moms- living in Madison, WI worked together. This “Mom Connection” is what eventually led us to what is now our joint Partnership, Rock Steady Boxing Windy City located inside Jim’s Edgewater Fitness Center.

It’s a serendipitous story that has led to a new, amazing program, bringing the same HOPE and Inspiration, that was started in Indianapolis to Jim, and others living with Parkinson’s disease in the City of Chicago. We now offer two separate classes, twice a week for people of all stages of Parkinson’s disease. We’ve assembled a team of fighters that inspire each other, and us as Coaches every class, with every punch.

We are hosting a FREE Open House Event on Aug. 29th, 2015. We invite you, your friends and anyone interested to join us.

See our website for more details: RSB Windy City Open House


Keep fighting Chicago!


June 17, 2014

Ispirazione Da Italia!

I’ve returned to the States after an unforgettable trip to Italy feeling refreshed and inspired after experiencing a new culture that exemplifies a great Life Balance of: family, work, love, food, health, and happiness. After doing some quick research I found that Italy ranks within the Top-10 healthiest countries with the 8th highest life expectancy (WHO 2013). My wife and I both noticed that Italians relish in the simplicity of life, creating a more relaxed way of living.

Here are a few observations that surprised me:

– Far less obesity
– Food is ever-present yet healthy and in moderation
– Healthier food options (more fish, less red meat, no chips)
– More people smoke cigarettes
– Never once saw a gym
– Daily “riposos”(naps), they leave work! Stores actually close from 2-5pm.

While Italians enjoy their pasta, they stick to a true Mediterranean diet. Their diets feature fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oils, small amounts of diary, fish, and moderate amounts of wine. I never once saw anyone pounding down a double quarter pounder with cheese, fries, and large soda (a soda alone will cost you 3,50 euro!) or a pasta helping for one person that could feed an army. Instead, everything is FRESH and consumed in MODERATION. I believe these two elements contribute greatly to their health.

The lack of gyms was a surprise to me. You can walk down 2 blocks in Chicago and pass 3 gyms. We walked everywhere in each city we visited and not once did we pass a gym. People are more active, they get up early to jog or hike the surrounding streets, paths, and hills. People walk and bike everywhere they need to go, the streets are busy because that’s how people get around. There is a much less reliance on cars and public transit, therefore being more active everyday.

Every time you visit a new place it helps you put your life into a new perspective. Italy has made me realize that a balanced life of moderation inspires happiness and health. America imposes a lot of stress on it’s citizens to look better, work harder, and be the best of the best. This has driven us to be one of the World’s “powerhouses” while often compromising it’s citizens health (US ranks 35th in the world for life expectancy). Find your life balance, take a break from the stress. A life of moderation is key for your health.

May 17, 2014

What Do Your Car and Your Body Have In Common?


While perusing the New York Times- Health page this morning I came across a great resource for healthy cooking. The key to healthy living, managing your weight, and being successful with an exercise program is how you fuel your body. Think of your body like a sporty, luxury car. These cars require a high-octane (higher quality) fuel which causes less “knocking”. High-octane gas is formulated to burn slower and more efficiently in the engine than regular unleaded gas would. If you were to put a lower-octane fuel into your engine it would cause more knocking and may jeopardize the health of your engine over time.

Now, think of your body like a luxury vehicle. Your body is a very powerful, complex machine, much like a car. Your body has many intricate systems that work simultaneously together to make you think and function efficiently. Many studies have shown there are two ways we can optimize your body’s ability to function, and that is: fuel it properly with good nutrients, and exercise.

I always tell my clients that the success of your exercise program relies 70% on what and when your eat, and 30% on exercise and daily activity levels. Your body needs those “high-octane” foods just as a luxury car needs gas. What is a “high-octane food”? These are complex carbohydrates, vegetables, legumes, proteins, unsaturated fats ect. These foods contain more vitamins, nutrients, and burn slower, more efficiently in your body.

New health foods can be intimidating to cook with or try so I want to share this link from the New York Times that offers a list of different health foods and recipe ideas on how to prepare them.


Fuel your body properly today and feel the difference.

May 14, 2014

Welcome to the mvmtRevolution!

Welcome to the mvmt Blog, my name is Eric Johnson, owner of mvmtRevolution.  Thank you for your support and following this blog. As a dedicated exercise professional, I value the importance of continuous learning in order to develop the most sophisticated and beneficial exercise programs for my clients. It’s my mission to use this blog as a tool for education, inspiration, rants, raves, idea creation, and collaboration. Topics and discussions will cover the latest research, techniques, fads, and trends intended for my clients, fellow exercise professionals, and community members. I believe that in order to be successful with any endeavor one must be educated as to how and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

As you will find in my website, I specialize in in-home personal training and exercise programs for people of all ability levels, particularly for people with a physical disabilities and extensive weight loss. I draw inspiration for my business and my blog from the diverse areas of the fitness industry that I’ve been fortunate enough to work within.  My background includes:

  • Coordinating individual and group exercise programs the top rehabilitation hospital in the country
  • Nationally speaking on adaptive fitness and disability specific exercise programming
  • High intensity tactical training for NCAA Football programs and police forces

Diversity, education, certifications, and experience are must have traits for any exercise professional working with someone to make physical changes in their body.  The mvmtRevolution facilitates these “must-haves” and is a pioneer in this fitness revolution.

Welcome to the mvmtRevolution!