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Home Exercise Program Design

Bring the benefits of the gym to your home. This presentation will identify the barriers to exercise and provide fun, new alternative ways to exercise at home. The success of any in-home exercise program requires proper design and planning; this will be the focal point of the presentation.

Community-Based Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease

This presentation will cover the benefits and design of group exercise programs specific to Parkinson’s Disease. Many forms of exercise will be covered including: functional strength training, cardiovascular exercise, amplitude based exercise, yoga, tai-chi, swimming.

Symptom Specific Exercise for Parkinson’s

Research has shown that symptom specific exercise for Parkinson’s can delay the progression of the disease. Each person presents with different symptoms and requires an individualized training program. We will look at various forms of exercise and the supporting research for each.

Symptom specific exercises can combat symptoms including:

  • freezing
  • rigidity
  • posture
  • balance
  • falls

Post-Stoke Exercise

Learn about the latest research that outlines the benefits of exercise and how it can be applied to post-stroke exercise. There are important and specific guidelines that are essential and must be addressed when designing an exercise program for someone who has had a stroke. Three types of exercise will be covered in detail, specifically: strength, cardiovascular training, flexibility. Exercise is critical for preventing a subsequent stroke or secondary conditions.

Healthy Aging with Exercise

Exercise is a key factor in living a longer, stronger, and healthier life. This presentation will cover injury prevention, post-injury exercise, and the benefits of daily functional strength. Emphasis on various conditions associated with aging, such as joint replacement, arthritis, and general aches and pains can be added for specific audiences.

Benefits of Exercise for People with COPD

Learn the healing benefits of exercise for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Continued, community-based exercise is critical to enhance cardiopulmonary health. Following safe exercise guidelines specific to COPD is essential and will be outlined throughout the presentation.

Inclusive Fitness Center Design

Learn about accessible fitness center design, including equipment, layout, adaptive devices, and staffing.

Home Gym Equipment and Design

Learn how to build a great workout environment in your own home. Find the right equipment for your space requirements and goals.

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