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Our team of Exercise Physiologists Specialized in Neuro-Intensive Programs for All Ages & Abilities
Customized Wellness Model

Our unique approach provides highly individualized wellness programs that evolve with our clients, based on their goals and capabilities, leveraging the latest in science based, neuro-intensive exercise, to maximize ability and empower lives.

Neuro-Intensive Exercise

Our specially trained and experienced staff of exercise physiologists administer unique programs that combine physical and neurological activities, based on the latest science, designed to maximize our clients abilities and potential.

Community at the Core

We have carefully crafted a community where clients & staff collaborate, mutually supporting each other in a fun, friendly environment for all ages and abilities.  We collaborate across the spectrum of care, working with clinicians, therapists, caregivers and clients to ensure the best support possible for our clients.

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Customized Wellness Plan

Get your wellness plan based on your individual goals and capabilities

Comprehensive Physical Assessment

We Utilize Industry Standard & Proprietary Assessment Modalities to Develop Your Plan

Nutritional Guidance

Your Plan Will Include Nutritional Guidance


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