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    New Clients

New Clients

Physical Therapy Clients

Before participating in any of our programs, a medical form must be completed and signed by your primary care provider or neurologist. If you are currently working with a physical therapist, we require a transition appointment or correspondence with your therapist to ensure a safe and easy transition into your exercise program.

Personal Training Clients

All Clients

Every client’s program begins with a customized, in-depth assessment. This is a vital component in order to properly design a safe and effective exercise program. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Medical History, Risk Stratification, and Exercise History (see attached form)
  • Clinical Outcomes
    • Will be determined based upon diagnosis and clinician recommendations at the time of your transition
  • Functional Movement Screen
    • Currently a part of the NFL combine, the FMS is a movement pattern ranking system that breaks down and mimics your body’s every-day functions. FMS highlights the functional limitations and asymmetries of your body. These asymmetries, if not addresses, can reduce the effects of physical conditioning and result in potentially harmful movements.
    • The FMS generates a score, which we can use to track and measure progress.
  • Specific Task Analysis
    • Each activity in life requires a separate physical skill set; daily or sport specific tasks need to be recognized, assessed, and maximized for optimal performance.