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    Personal Training and Small Group

Personal Training and Small Groups

Personal Training for Parkinson’s – The Neuro Intensive Effect

Our intensive program is designed to target your primary symptoms by implementing the latest research done on Parkinson’s Disease and exercise. Progressive, intensive exercise has been shown to be vital in slowing the progression of the disease. We will monitor intensity in several ways including heart rate zones, rate of perceived exertion, and magnitude of movement. A variety of exercise modalities are utilized, because each has its own inherit benefits and outcomes. Modalities include: treadmill training, bicycling, swimming, amplitude based exercises, PWR, boxing, tai chi, strength training, and balance. Each program takes into consideration each client’s goals and physical abilities to determine which modes to emphasize.

The latest research indicates that Parkinson’s disease may inhibit one’s sense of body awareness, compromising the way your body moves.

The first two weeks of each exercise program is called the Fundamentals Period which is centered around learning. We will teach our client how to move and why we move this way. This has drastically improved our clients mindfulness to enhance body awareness.

Each person with Parkinson’s disease presents differently and your exercise program needs to reflect that. Your program will consist of a variety of high-effort exercises that are focused to combat your primary symptoms.

Each of our trainers holds specialized certifications specific to Parkinson’s disease exercise and working with special populations.

Targeted symptoms include:
  • Festinating Gait
  • Rigidity (tight muscles)
  • Bradykinesia
  • Postural Instability
  • Cognitive Acuity
  • Motor Planning
The program will include:
  • Pre- and post-evaluation
  • Posture analysis screening
  • 2 to 4: 1-hour sessions/week
  • Suggested homework routine
  • Activity tracking program

Small Group Exercises

Small group exercise classes provide a great balance of personalization, affordability, and camaraderie. Groups consist of 4-6 participants and are made based upon ability level and primary presenting symptoms.

By grouping this way, we ensure that everyone can benefit the most in each session. Each participant will receive a brief screening to appropriately place them in the appropriate group.

Our model blends philosophies and principles from several exercise programs, some Parkinson’s specific, and some not.

  • PWR4Life (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery)
  • Delay the Disease
  • Functional Movement systems
  • Rock Steady Boxing

This blended approach combines the best practices from each to form the most comprehensive, personalized, symptom specific exercise program. Measurable outcomes are tracked throughout your training program to track progress. Our #1 priority is to educate and lead our clients towards a successful exercise program that carries over to their everyday life.


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