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    Special Populations and Chronic Disease Exercise

Special Populations and Chronic Disease Exercise

Movement Revolution stands alone in our expertise and experience in creating fun, challenging, and effective exercise programs for people with a physical disability. A decrease in function and more sedentary lifestyles often result in re-hospitalization or further de-conditioning.

Recent studies have shown that primary barriers to exercise for people with a disability are:

  • lack of resources
  • lack of knowledge
  • lack of transportation

We eliminate these barriers by bringing out expert and educated trainers to our client’s home.

We believe that disability does not define our clients. We empower our clients by providing the tools necessary to become more physically active, to enhance their strength, confidence, and independence.

Our esteemed coaching staff are experts in the field combining experience, knowledge, research, and compassion to create innovative, symptom specific, in-home exercise programs that maximize functional ability for people with a physical disability.

We establish a line of communication and collaborate with physicians and physical/occupational therapists to develop safe exercise programs. Our goal is to reintegrate clients into a community setting, completing a continuum of care that reinforces progress and independence.

Exercise is a universal recommendation and prescription from physicians for everybody no matter what their condition is. It is essential to keep active with the guidance of a specialized exercise professional.