Rock Steady Original Inspiration- Changing Lives

Here is an excerpt from some truly inspirational words spoken by an original Rock Steady Boxer in Indianapolis.

“Greatness of character can be forged in the furnace of affliction. There is something about sharing the same foxhole with others in a battle against a terrible but determined enemy that unites us even though we are from different backgrounds and makes us stronger as individuals. We are indeed a band of brother and sister warriors united in a fight against Parkinson’s, a fierce and deadly enemy. In this fight we will not be passive. We are pressing the attack and taking the offensive. We will not relent. We will never surrender. We will never give up until our last breath is drawn or the enemy is vanquished.”

I had the tremendous opportunity to meet and work with Pete during our Training Camp. He inspired me to help make a difference and pass along his message to evoke HOPE to all our Windy City Fighters.

Stay Strong!