The Movement Revolution Family

We are dedicated to enabling our clients to maximize their potential, through the power of neuro-intensive exercise.
Certifications and Specialties

Eric Johnson
CEO & Founder


Eric founded Movement Revolution with the mission to foster hope and invigorate life through exercise, for people with neurological conditions. 

Eric has a passion for coaching clients to reach their goals by maximizing their potential.  Exercise and wellness quickly became his passion and guided his career path to sharing his experiences as a coach to enhance the lives of others through neuro-intensive exercise.


Daisy was an athlete all throughout high school, but it was in college that she became passionate about and obtained a degree in Exercise Science. While working at the top rehabilitation hospital in the country, Daisy began developing adaptive fitness programs for people with neurological disorders.

Daisy has a strong understanding of program development for conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and stroke recovery, among others. Daisy is a passionate trainer who pushes her clients toward their fitness goals.

Daisy Asimakopoulos
Manager & Neuro-Exercise Specialist

Katherine Jacob
Neuro-Exercise Specialist


Katherine has been involved with athletics for many years. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Sport Management Degree where she also played for the EIU volleyball team. She has coached for 7 years training college level athletes.

Ever since Katherine’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, it became her new passion to train those with neurological conditions and strive to make a difference in their lives while helping them to accomplish their goals. She is a certified Rock Steady Boxing Trainer. She likes to push clients to their full potential to give them the best quality of life. Katherine has the knowledge and experience to build a well rounded and functional program that is individualized for each client.

In her free time, she enjoys playing in volleyball leagues, working out, eating at new restaurants with her husband and attending sporting events.


Adam’s interest in exercise stemmed from participation in football while attending high school. He was interested in the rigorous training process and, unlike most of his teammates, he enjoyed it. This is where he developed a mindset that puts function over aesthetics and pursued opportunities to help individuals function in life. Before Movement Revolution, he worked at a rehab facility as the resident fitness manager designing programs to improve the wellness of recovering addicts. While working full-time, Adam completed his master’s degree in Kinesiology that emphasized clinical exercise.

In 2018, Adam moved to Chicago to begin a new chapter in his life, and soon became a member of the Movement Revolution team. Adam has the developed skill set and experience to provide great care to those he works with. He’s confident he can help anyone via exercise and does so with the intent of not only improving physical outcomes but also positively impacting one’s mental climate.

In his spare time Adam enjoys training himself and his puppy, a boxer mix named Indie. He is currently earning a doctorate degree in performance psychology with an emphasis in clinical mental health.

Adam Heredia
Neuro-Exercise Specialist

Austin Pohlman
Neuro-Exercise Specialist


Austin was a three-sport athlete in high-school, until he suffered a few major concussions in competition. Seeing the impact of rehabilitation in his own life, fostered a passion to enable and help others through their own personal journey.

Austin turned that passion into a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from the University of Dayton and will complete his masters in the summer of 2020. A internship in the Neurology and Psychiatry department of Northwestern Medical further confirmed that this was his correct path. Leveraging a scientific approach to rehabilitation and disease prevention, Austin has helped numerous clients with varied neurological conditions from Parkinson’s disease, MS, Brain Cancer and others, to improve their functional wellbeing and become more confident in their everyday lives.

In his free time Austin likes to walk his dog Finn, play sports with friends, and enjoys watching a good movie. He likes all types food and is always open to new suggestions or recipes!


Bill has 25 years of experience solving consumer problems through innovation and design where he holds numerous patents, a degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA as well as significant experience running global operations and supply chains across diverse industries, most recently as Chief Innovation Officer.  Bill is dedicating his life to helping people with neurological conditions live their best life possible.

With a relentless advocacy for the client, Bill’s focus is ensuring our programs consistently deliver the greatest impact and outcomes to our clients possible.  He is also developing new partnerships that will further enhance Movement Revolution’s capabilities and reach.

Both Bill and his father are living with Parkinson’s disease, so this mission is personal.  In his spare time, Bill continues to challenge himself to new charitable adventures involving exercise, which he believes has been most impactful in slowing the progression of his disease.

Bill Bucklew
Chief Development Officer

Josh DeRosier
Neuro-Exercise Specialist

Josh’s passion for training started when his best friend was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and he saw first-hand the benefits that adaptive exercise and training provided to his best him.  Josh realized that his calling in life was guiding others to live better, healthier, more functional lives through fitness and nutrition.

With certifications and experience spanning sports performance, corrective exercise, nutrition, and even behavioral change, Josh is well equipped to help his clients thrive while staying focused on reaching their goals.  Josh also has a passion for science and mathematics, which supports his thoughtful, and analytical approach to problem solving the human body.

“Every individual is their own unique puzzle, and solving each puzzle in a personalized way is what fuels my passion and joy in life.” says Josh.


Breea realized early on in her career that she was passionate to work with the special population community concentrating on Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, among others.  Breea has a personal connection with the Parkinson’s community as her grandfather had the disease for 12 years. Making a difference in the lives of individuals with adaptive needs is a passion she strives to achieve each day here at Movement Revolution.

Breea has a bachelors degree and Masters Degree in Exercise Science with a dual concentration in Preventative Injury and Rehabilitation. She also is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with both the Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist certifications in addition to her NASE Speed specialist Level II certification.


Breea Bell
Neuro-Exercise Specialist

Patricia Olson
Neuro-Exercise Specialist


Patricia grew up on New York ‘s Long Island and graduated from New York University. She started ballet at 4 and continued with jazz, modern – not to leave out the Twist, the Electric Slide, Disco and other new dance forms over the years – even learning Hula in Hawaii. This, led her into the aerobic dance craze of the 80s. Re-settling back in the States after 20 years in Europe, she recycled her PR and marketing career, having worked for Columbia TriStar, 20th Century Fox and her own firm, into fitness.

Patricia earned her Master’s in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise & Injury Prevention, after working with fitness as a personal trainer and group instructor for several years. She chose to specialize in 1-on-1 training for people with neurological challenges. She’s been working with this for the last 15 years, during which time she completed training programs in Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi and even taught Pilates as an adjunct professor at Harper College. She enjoys using her knowledge and experience to enhance the lives of her clients.