Exercise for Stroke Survivors

Regular exercise is the most effective and important way to prevent further disability or secondary conditions from forming post-stroke. Exercise can be a daunting task after the sudden onset of a stroke. Everyone recovers differently from their stroke which is why we customize each program to optimize your continued recovery. We encourage your strength, challenge your weaknesses, and empower you through exercise. We see clients who have lived with their stroke for 10 years plus, and others just getting out of physical therapy.

Often, Medicare and health insurance will only carry you so far, we can work in conjunction with your outpatient therapies or transition you at the completion of your sessions to ensure continued progress toward independence.Ā  We offer a complimentary transition session where we come observe a regularly scheduled therapy session to help make the transition safe and smooth. This appointment can be set up by calling: 312-465-3921.

Post-Stroke Programs: