What Do Your Car and Your Body Have In Common?


While perusing the New York Times- Health page this morning I came across a great resource for healthy cooking. The key to healthy living, managing your weight, and being successful with an exercise program is how you fuel your body. Think of your body like a sporty, luxury car. These cars require a high-octane (higher quality) fuel which causes less “knocking”. High-octane gas is formulated to burn slower and more efficiently in the engine than regular unleaded gas would. If you were to put a lower-octane fuel into your engine it would cause more knocking and may jeopardize the health of your engine over time.

Now, think of your body like a luxury vehicle. Your body is a very powerful, complex machine, much like a car. Your body has many intricate systems that work simultaneously together to make you think and function efficiently. Many studies have shown there are two ways we can optimize your body’s ability to function, and that is: fuel it properly with good nutrients, and exercise.

I always tell my clients that the success of your exercise program relies 70% on what and when your eat, and 30% on exercise and daily activity levels. Your body needs those “high-octane” foods just as a luxury car needs gas. What is a “high-octane food”? These are complex carbohydrates, vegetables, legumes, proteins, unsaturated fats ect. These foods contain more vitamins, nutrients, and burn slower, more efficiently in your body.

New health foods can be intimidating to cook with or try so I want to share this link from the New York Times that offers a list of different health foods and recipe ideas on how to prepare them.


Fuel your body properly today and feel the difference.