About Us

About Us:

Movement Revolution was founded in 2013 by Eric Johnson to provide unparalleled personal training services for people with disabilities and neurological conditions in the City of Chicago. Movement Revolution now provides services throughout the Chicagoland area with two studio locations in Chicago and Deerfield, as well as in-home availability in Chicago, and Chicago’s Northshore, Northwest, and Western Suburbs.

The mission of Movement Revolution is to foster hope and invigorate life through exercise for people with neurological conditions and other physical disabilities. Our programs restore ability, create advocacy, and empower the lives of our clients. Our expert team of Exercise Physiologists puts research into action and bridge the gap from clinical rehabilitation, into community-based exercise, completing the continuum of care.

Our Neuro Intensive Exercise method is centered around the principle of intensity. Each client has a different level of intensity depending on age, ability level, and exercise history. We establish a baseline for each client by conducting a thorough initial evaluation looking at medical history, cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, motor control, and cognitive acuity. We communicate with neurologists and recent physical therapists to ensure a safe and collaborative program is established.

Our model is built to seamlessly transition those who are recently diagnosed, those being discharged from physical therapy, and those who have been living with their condition for many years, into a continued exercise program.