Exercise Programs for Brain Injury Recovery

Our programs for people recovering from brain injury provide an essential resource to continue healing and maximize your recovery. Our multifaceted, individualized approach allows us to understand each person’s needs and design sessions that allow them to enhance their abilities and gain more independence. The brain is plastic and ever changing. Exercise when prescribed and implemented properly has the ability to stimulate and change the brain to enhance neurogenesis and elicit neuroplastic effects for both physical and cognitive recovery.

Our team of Neuro Exercise Specialists have the ability and skill set to work with, and understand the physical, physiological, emotional, and cognitive challenges of our clients with brain injury. Our facilities are equipped with specialized equipment to work with clients at any and all ability and assistance levels.

Brain Injury Movement Assessments

Our comprehensive brain injury movement assessment includes an objective assessment of your balance, functional ambulation, strength, as well as, a thorough gait assessment on a treadmill that analyzes the mechanics of each step you take.

Brain Injury Exercise Programs

Our brain injury exercise services focus on providing individualized treatment and care that is specifically designed to work with each client’s abilities and goals. We do this through our 1:1 coaching services. These services are available in-person and virtually via Zoom.
We also offer on-demand classes and videos via our Movement Revolution On-Demand platform. Here, we have videos specifically designed to address the daily exercise needs post-stroke including daily stretching and strength exercises, family and care partner assisted workouts, and overall strength and endurance exercises. Our On-Demand library is a valuable tool for all our stroke survivors everywhere.