Exercise Programs for Multiple Sclerosis

Our exercise programs for Multiple Sclerosis are symptom specific and designed to help clients better manage everyday symptoms. We assess the daily needs of each client and design an exercise routine that helps improve the strength and confidence of those activities. Our neuroprotective exercise programs help increase functional ability, decrease spasticity, fatigue, and improve quality of life. Aerobic exercise training with low to moderate intensity can result in the improvement of aerobic fitness, reduce fatigue. Specific flexibility exercises can diminish spasticity and diminish future contractions. Our approach also involves other aspects such as the use of specialized training equipment and education on fatigue management.

Our team of Neuro Exercise Specialists have the ability and skill set to work and understand the physical and physiological challenges of our clients with multiple sclerosis. Our coaches design safe and effective exercise programs based on the clients symptoms and goals. Our facilities are equipped with specialized equipment to work with clients at any and all ability and assistance levels.

Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Assessments

Our comprehensive multiple sclerosis assessment includes an objective assessment of your balance, strength, and mobility, daily lifestyle factors and cognitive function. Questionnaires are also used as a measure to best understand your physical, emotional, and cognitive effects of Multiple Sclerosis

Exercise Services for Multiple Sclerosis

Our Multiple Sclerosis exercise services are focused on providing individualized treatment and care that is designed to address each client’s abilities and goals. We do this through our 1:1 coaching services. These services are available in-person and virtually via Zoom.

We also offer on-demand classes and videos via our Movement Revolution On-Demand platform. Here, we have videos specifically designed to address the daily exercise needs post-stroke including: range of motion exercises for hemiparatic upper and lower extremities including fine motor skills, family and care partner assisted workouts, and overall strength and endurance exercises. Our On-Demand library is a valuable tool for stroke survivors everywhere.