Exercise Programs for Parkinson's Disease

Our exercise services for Parkinson’s disease utilize a variety of treatment approaches and programs designed specifically to combat the physical, emotional and cognitive effects of Parkinson’s disease. Our goal is to provide client specific exercise programs that help clients maintain their highest level of function and independence. Research continually supports that high intensity exercise is neuroprotective and helps manage the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. Our group exercise classes serve a natural and empowering social support group. Our Rock Steady Boxing program uses boxing fundamentals that are heavily focused on balance, footwork, power, and endurance.

Our team of Neuro Exercise Specialists have the ability and skill set to work with clients at all ability levels. Our staff hold special Parkinson’s disease certifications such as PWR!, Rock Steady Boxing, and Delay the Disease. Our facilities are equipped with specialized equipment such as our body weight support track system that enables clients to practice walking without the risk of falling.

Comprehensive Parkinson’s Assessments

Our comprehensive Parkinson’s assessment includes an objective assessment of your goals, balance, functional ambulation, strength, posture screening, as well as, a thorough gait assessment on a treadmill that analyzes the mechanics of each step you take.

Parkinson's Exercise Programs

Our Parkinson’s exercise services focus on providing individualized treatment and care that is specifically designed to work with each client’s abilities and goals. Our specialized programs for Parkinson’s disease are built to increase mobility, stamina, strength and agility while simultaneously improving posture, gait, and balance. We do this through our 1:1 coaching services. These services are available in-person and virtually via Zoom. Our group classes are designed to implement the latest research backed practices and offer classes for varying ability levels to accommodate the needs of each individual. Placement in the classes are based upon their comprehensive assessment results and personal goals.

We also offer on-demand classes and videos via our Movement Revolution On-Demand platform. Here, we have videos specifically designed to address the daily exercise needs including strength, mobility, meditation, yoga, endurance, as well as, family and care partner assisted workouts.