Exercise Programs for Stroke Rehabilitation

Our post rehabilitation stroke exercise services are a valuable and important resource for stroke survivors with a newly acquired stroke and for those managing their post-stroke symptoms. This is the perfect transition from an outpatient therapy setting that allows you to continue to progress and eliminate functional regression. Studies show that continued exercise post stroke is one of the most important factors at limiting secondary conditions, additional strokes, and improving overall quality of life. Exercise interventions are beneficial and can enhance functional ability at any point of stroke recovery. Research indicated that even those with “chronic stroke” (>3 yrs post stroke) can make improvements in their functional ability. Our mission is to empower people post-stroke to get back doing things you love and enjoy.

Our team of Neuro Exercise Specialists have the ability and skill set to work with clients at all ability levels. Our facilities are equipped with specialized equipment such as our body weight support track system that enables clients to practice walking without the risk of falling.

Comprehensive Stroke Movement Assessments

Our comprehensive stroke movement assessment includes an objective assessment of your balance, functional ambulation, strength and mobility of your hemi and non-hemiparatic side, as well as, a thorough gait assessment on a treadmill that analyzes the mechanics of each step you take.

Exercise Programs for Stroke Survivors

Our exercise services for stroke survivors are focused on providing individualized treatment and care that is specifically designed to work with each client’s abilities and goals. We do this through our 1:1 coaching services. These services are available in-person and virtually via Zoom.

We also offer on-demand classes and videos via our Movement Revolution On-Demand platform. Here, we have videos specifically designed to address the daily exercise needs post-stroke including: range of motion exercises for hemiparatic upper and lower extremities including fine motor skills, family and care partner assisted workouts, and overall strength and endurance exercises. Our On-Demand library is a valuable tool for stroke survivors everywhere.

Exercise is medicine. When prescribed and implemented properly, it has the ability to elicit neuroplasticity which is the brain's ability to change and create new neural pathways that aid in recovery from a neurological event or possibly delay the progression of neurological conditions. Our Neuro Intensive Exercise programs acknowledge and implement the latest research in these areas as they specifically pertain to the neurological conditions we work with.