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Our Neuro Exercise Assessment is an extremely thorough assessment that every Movement Revolution client receives and serves as a custom roadmap to wellness. We take as much time as we need to ensure our team has a full understanding of your needs, abilities, goals, exercise, and medical history. We combine your personal story with the proven research and objective physical outcome data we collect to develop your personal exercise roadmap.

Knowing what you want and need to work on is pivotal for our coaches to develop the most impactful exercise plan for you. For you- knowing how we are going to design your workouts and why this method is going to work for you is essential to your success in preventing the progression of, or enhancing your recovery from, a neurological condition.

Our evaluation process is specific to each condition we see but always involves:

  • Gait Training Analysis
  • Digital Posture and Movement Screening
  • Balance Assessment
  • Endurance Testing
  • Strength & Mobility Assessment
  • Quality of Life Questionnaires

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