The assessment is a vital component in order to properly develop a truly individualized, client goal-based, effective and safe wellness program .

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Our comprehensive assessment includes:

Your goals and objectives

Medical History, Risk Stratification, and Exercise History

Clinical Outcomes

Will be determined based upon diagnosis and clinician recommendations at the time of your transition

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS is a movement pattern ranking system (Currently a part of the NFL combine) that breaks down and mimics your body’s every-day functions. FMS highlights the functional limitations and asymmetries of your body. These asymmetries, if not addresses, can reduce the effects of physical conditioning and result in potentially harmful movements.

This component generates a score, which we can use to set goals, track and measure progress.

Specific Goal & Task Analysis

Each goal and related activity in life, requires a unique physical skill set

Daily or specific actions (like in sports) need to be recognized, assessed, and optimized to maximize function and performance.