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Revolution@Home: Your Neuro-Intensive Virtual Training Center

Our virtual exercise programs create access to expert-led exercise sessions, classes, and services for everyone at all ability levels.

Virtual 1:1 Personal Training

Comprehensive Assessment: This is where we help clients develop their roadmap to wellness by assessing physical activity, active goal setting, and education. 

Evaluation Includes: Posture Screen, strength & mobility assessments, gait and balance analysis, and quality of life questionnaires

Personal Training: Join one of our Neuro Exercise Specialists for our 45-minute virtual training sessions. All diagnoses and ability levels are welcome.

On-Demand & Live Class Subscription

Our $45/month On-Demand subscription includes access to the on-demand library and 2- live virtual Rock Steady Boxing classes per week! 

Our on-demand library of over 50 symptom-specific exercise videos can be filtered based upon condition, difficulty, symptom, or functional task. Videos include full recorded classes, as well as, shorter more specific workouts such as “strength exercises to improve getting in/out of a chair”, “mobility for stroke survivors”, or “Fine motor exercise to aid with handwriting.”

Live Rock Steady Boxing Classes

All on-demand subscribers are free to log-in to our Live Rock Steady Boxing classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm CST.

Our classes are more than just boxing! Each class is multidimensional and built upon a foundation of research based practices while integrating boxing techniques along with strength, agility, balance, and mobility exercises.

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